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SPC Java Backend Engineer

Jan 27, 2023

Ho Chi Minh City, VN, 700000

Working place: 
GFT Technologies SE

We are looking for experienced and talented Java Backend Engineers to join our global engineering teams and developing and operating our flagship product (Digital Bank platform).

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, implement and maintain Java application
  • Write high quality, maintainable code using TDD and DDD
  • Translating user stories into working solution
  • Design and implement RESTful APIs
  • Design and implement microservice architecture within the give domain
  • Work with the distributed team in multiple time zones
  • Actively participate in Scrum technologies


Technical Qualifications:

·         Minimum 5+ years of relevant experience in programming.

·         Java/Kotlin (Kotlin strongly preferred), SpringBoot, JPA, Kafka, Rest APIs.

·         Hands on experience with various Java Web technologies and frameworks Spring (Security, MVC, SpringBoot) JPA, REST API, Maven, Junit test, Mockito, Kafka.

·         Good practical knowledge of design of RDBMS and SQL

·         Understanding of Agile methodologies

Specific Qualifications

·         Excellent communication and written skill.Be able to work in a team

·         Understanding of financial instruments

·         Be able to adapt, willingness to learn

Essential Skillset

·         Automated unit and integration testing. (jUnit, mockito etc.)

·         Gradle

·         Recursions, depth/breadth-first search. Data structures - dictionary, list, set

·         Control-flow statements - switch, for, do-while. Microservice architecture

·         Basic database fundamental. Joins, indexes, foreign keys, primary keys

·         Relational DB, NoSQL, graph DB. ACID properties

·         Basic system design. Protocols & standards (OpenAPI, avro, protobuf)

·         Understanding of SOLID principles. Event driven architecture

·         Design architecture (DNS, load balancers). Basic dev-ops / infra fundamentals

·         Messaging queues, Docker/Compose. Kubernetes ( basic knowledge on pods, configmap, deployments)

·         Git (GitHub), CI/CD, Sonar.

·         Basic security fundamentals

·         SSL/MTLS, private key, a/symmetric keys, hashing, signatures, oauth

Nice to have

·         Contract testing (PACT/Spring Cloud contract)

·         Cloud (AWS)

·         Log management tools. (Splunk, SumoLogic, ELK)

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