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Project Manager

Project Manager

Custom Field 1:  Project Governance
Custom Field 3:  Project Governance
Country/Region:  CR
Date:  Jun 11, 2024

Heredia, CR, 40101

Working place:  Remote

Job Description:

About the role:


Develops, monitors, updates, communicates and implements plans for business unit projects.  Executes project management process including scope definition, scheduling, human resource and material planning and allocation, risk management planning, cost and budget management and quality assurance. Serves as liaison among clients, technical and internal departments to expedite project processes.


A day in this role:


  • Collects, analyzes and summarizes information on project phases, tasks, duration, resources and costs. 
  • Participates in developing plans, work breakdown structures, schedules, budgets and resource assignments for projects that are subject to management review and approval.
  • Maintains, publishes, and distributes comprehensive project plans.
  • Documents, obtains approval, and tracks all changes in project parameters. Communicates project changes and events to concerned parties. 
  • Acts as a liaison among internal and external clients, business unit functional areas and project development teams to ensure effective project coordination among participating groups. Facilitates communications among project participants to expedite project processes and to resolve issues and problems. Schedules and facilitates meetings on project status and issue resolution.
  • Prepares presentations to senior management on project schedule, process and status. 
  • Interviews internal and external clients, determines project needs and priorities. 
  • Develops lists of tasks, defines their interdependencies, assigns resources, and tracks task progress to completion. 
  • Determines specific project deliverables, defines the process for the review and approval of deliverables, and specifies quality criteria for deliverables assessment.
  • Defines project scope subject to management approval, establishes the process for altering the scope, and responds to requests for changes to the scope.
  • Builds time estimates, develops project schedule, and addresses scheduling problems as they arise.
  • Estimates project costs, prepares budget recommendations, and monitors and reports project performance to budget constraints.
  • Develops, maintains, publishes and distributes comprehensive project plans.
  • Identifies, mitigates and recommends alternatives on handling risks and issues that threaten the successful completion of the project within deadline.
  • Monitors and reports project progress to objectives in timeframes, scope, quality, costs and risks. Receives information on project status, changes and issues.  Identifies potential sources for solutions, and contacts appropriate parties to initiate action. 
  • Identifies areas within the business unit where process improvements may benefit project performance. 
  • Develops and manages project plans from original concept through final implementation.
  • Conducts financial analyses on project alternatives, including cost/benefit analysis, to determine project feasibility and direction.
  • Develops and maintains project risk management plans.  Coordinates project risk identification, quantification, response development and control.
  • Specifies, obtains and allocates resources to meet project requirements. Coordinates procurement planning, source selection, contract administration, and contract closeout.
  • Creates and enhances reporting tools for performance measurement against objectives. 
  • Develops and initiates policies and procedures to improve business practices within the organization.
  • Reviews other project management team member schedules, plans and strategies and recommends enhancements.


The expertise requested:


  • 5+ years of project management experience
  • Experience with Agile methodologies
  • Experience with Technology Infrastructure projects
  • Strong knowledge of project management methodology and tools including software.
  • Strong knowledge of computer systems and processes and PC desktop applications.
  • Strong knowledge of business unit products and operations.
  • Strong knowledge of legislation and regulations impacting business unit industry.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong project management and organizational skills.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Ability to travel.
  • Bachelor´s degree or equivalent experience 


Our Core values are focus to inclusion and diversity, all qualified applicants will be considered for employment and will go thru a fair recruitment process regardless of their race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin or disability status.

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